Windows 8.1 Mail + Gmail account

A big surprise: here at Unshockable, the email is managed by Gmail. It syncs to Android phones, it works great, and I can get it anywhere.

The problem is trying to get local copies of email so that email can be archived for projects. As part of the OQM process, all email pertaining to a project has to be saved. (This is for engineering legal reasons.) One of the computers here runs Windows 8.1 and that’s got a built-in Mail program. The catch is that only recently has your Microsoft Account allowed you to use something besides your email as your email account.

Mail can’t find this information automatically, but it’s easy to enter it in.

  • username: your complete email address
  • IMAP setting: / port 993
  • SMTP setting: / port 465
  • Every box: checked

Here’s what it should look like:

I know my email address is there.  It's a picture.
I know my email address is there. It’s a picture.

How did I figure this out? Thunderbird. It auto-detected the fields. I just copied the settings from there.