Magnus, Robot Fighter

Sometimes I don’t know why I write blog posts. It’s not like people read them. I get some traffic, but it’s really just spam bots trying to get me to post their spam.

Spam Bot Attack
Spam Bot Attack

See, that’s a nice compliment. The robot is being nice to me. I’m still not going to post your spam link, bro. (Brobot?) It’s a wa… woah, hey, let’s not make this personal, okay?

That's just uncalled for.
That’s just uncalled for.

The problem is with how many spam comments I get. I’ve got more than six hundred waiting for approval, like I’d just say “yeah, okay, whatever”. It’s obnoxious and the links would probably compromise your computer if you were dumb enough to click them. That’s why Flashblock and Adblock are critical to your computer’s safety. It bothers me to no end that they now have a war between the ad companies and Adblock. Look, if the ad companies secured their systems and made their ads less obnoxious, it would be fine. Neither of those things are true.

There was a security breach at my ISP a few years ago and attackers took my address book and use it to spam my name to my contacts with links to unknown sites. That’s awesome when you’re looking for work. (Lucky for me, I use a different email address when looking for work, but still, it’s a little embarrassing, like someone Photogimping your face onto someone else’s body.

It would be nice if I had some human readers though. Maybe I’ll post the next one 01101001 01101110 00100000 01100010 01101001 01101110 01100001 01110010 01111001 and save everyone some time.

Time machines and a letter from an idiot.

Since I’m looking for work, I take a little time to look up what people are saying about me online. I know that businesses do, and with a name like mine I’m generally pretty careful about what I say and use logins instead of my real name. There aren’t a lot of people named “Magnus McElroy”. On the upside, “Magnus Charles McElroy” looks awesome on a certificate. The downside is that when your names gets onto something, it’s there for quite some time. (Like the time my brother used my dial-up account to post bass guitar tabs for a song.)

I was lucky enough to have my stupid phase before everything you said was documented forever online. Thus it was a bit of a surprise when my latest search found a letter I’d written to Camosun’s paper when I was 18 years old. I’m not sure why their editor felt like dragging up a dumb letter I wrote 20+ years ago and making it the showcase of their monthly review. I don’t remember what I was thinking. Apparently I thought I was both funny and being discriminated against because I was a guy. Man, was I stupid. Maybe just young and naive. But wrong, that’s for sure.

A lot has happened in those 20 years. I’ve completed school, I’ve had kids, been married and divorced, I died, I started teaching yoga. By default I’ve become a responsible adult. Not one time in my life have I faced any problems by being a man. Back in February I even organized a counter-protest to those men’s rights / pro-rape idiots that were meeting in town.

Taking crowns back!
Taking crowns back!

But that’s what we do, right? We grow, we learn, and we get better. I wonder how stupid I’ll sound 20 years from now.