Automation is simple — just get a machine to do a job that you don’t want to do.  This might mean texting you when the temperature in your fermentation tank drops, logging how many times a tool cabinet was opened, having your door unlock when you’re walking up to it, or a set of controls that moves a chairlift up and down a ramp.

Interoperability is a big part of automation, and that’s simply getting two parts that normally don’t want to talk to each other to do so (like couples therapy for machines).  This can set up your fermentation tank to add ingredients or start filtering into the next stage, or refill a muffin maker when the first batch has started cooling.

It works best for simple, repetitive stuff that you’d rather not do (or pay someone else to do).  Most robots are just computers in boxes that flip switches, and you’ve seen them around.

They’re easy to deploy, simple to work with, and can be saving you time and money

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