Goals for 2016

Every morning I listen to Joe Rogan’s motivational speech on “Be the Hero of your Own Movie.”  This year I’m going to work on myself, my public presence, and my reputation.  The last two have been mostly blank, with all my non-disclosures and desire to keep a low profile.  But what’s the point of that?

I’ve done a lot of work, beautiful work, and nobody knows about any of it.  The country might be a little different if I hadn’t taken this path.  I’ve moved huge projects months to the left; I’ve saved thousands of lives and probably a lot of tigers.  But that’s all … “what have you done for me lately?”  I’ve been laid off, let go, not renewed, too many times to count, but in the wake of my career failures, I’ve built incredible things.  I just haven’t talked about them.

But a hope without a plan is just a wish.  So, my goals for 2016 are:

  1. Find a career path that works with me and what I can do.  Something stable.
  2. Find someone that I want to spend time with.
  3. Donate blood 3x.  (I promised the nurse last time.)
  4. Fitness goals: 300# on squats and deadlift, bench my body weight.
  5. Get at least 26 blog posts.

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Magnus is a Professional Electrical Engineer from Victoria, BC. He's worked on projects ranging from new code for embedded radios to inspecting [redacted] government systems. He'll relax and unwind by teaching yoga or Cyclefit, or going out for a dive in the cold ocean.

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