Prototype Development

“We’ve been waiting 10 years to see this — THANK YOU!”  – a three-month client.

Unshockable Engineering has everything you need to get your prototype built.  You’ve got an idea, you know how it can change the world, and all you need is help putting everything together.  That’s where we come in.  Offload that rough idea to us and we can pull your dreams from your imagination into reality.   We’ve got the experience to back it up — our prototypes have gone on to trade shows, investor pitches, production, and deployment all over the world.

If you’re most of the way there yourself and get stuck or need a professional engineer “sign off” on the product before you can show it to the public, we can help you with that too.

And don’t worry, all your Intellectual Property remains yours, especially the stuff we build on your behalf.

We can even help streamline your existing prototype for deployment or mass manufacturing.

Learn more by booking a free consultation. 

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